Acne Scar Treatment in Chromepet

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Just when you are hitting the adolescent age with rising fantasies and adrenaline together, an alien on the face shows up. This has a more significant potential to turn off even the brightest day. Yes, Acne poses a more significant threat to your confidence and happiness.

Stop struggling with home remedies and ineffective methods to remove acne scars. Be smart and switch to the advanced acne scar removal treatment in Chromepet to experience crystal-clear skin naturally!

What is Acne?

Your skin has open pores; below such open pores, sebaceous glands are present. These sebaceous glands secrete oil naturally. When this oil mix with dead skin cells, and dirt, the pores clog and become prone to infection, rising out like a pimple.

Acne is more stubborn and is often subject to long-term conditions. It is due to the steady work of a bacteria called, Propionibacterium acnes. But most adults, both men and women, are prone to it, which is curable with proper dietary practices and medicines.
Severe acne conditions are treatable through peel treatments, lasers, and therapies.


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How Does Acne Occur?

Stages of Acne Development

Stage 1

  • Oily skin
  • Clogged Pores
  • Slight Acne

Stage 2

  • Oily skin
  • Clogged Pores
  • Lots of Acne

Stage 3

  • Oily and Inflamed Skin
  • Clogged Pores Acne
  • Papules and Pustules

Stage 4

  • Oily and Very Inflamed Skin
  • Clogged Pores
  • Severe Acne
  • Many Papule and Pustules

Sebum is a natural moisturizer for the skin, which keeps the surface hydrated. When you apply more products to the skin, for instance, if someone with oily skin uses topical oily products to remove the excess oil and prevent infections, it causes acne.

Triggers of Acne

  • Excess secretion of oil in sebaceous glands
  • An increase in male hormones (Androgens)
  • Allergic reactions due to medications
  • Overuse of cosmetic products or choosing the wrong product
  • Dandruff
  • Pollution, dirt, and dust
  • Stress
Acne Scar Treatment In Chromepet


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Acne Scar Treatment

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