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In search of a natural alternative to chemical peels? We are here with the world-renowned Green Peel® a herbal problem solver for skin issues. Green Peel® has harnessed the power of mother nature and formulated a powerful combination with all the right herbs.

This organic herbal facial peel is well-known across many countries for renewing skin in just 7 days. Being a potent herbal elixir, our Green Peel® treatment offers the combined benefits of up to six chemical peels.


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Benefits of Green Peel® Treatment in VCare

Drawing its power from natural herbs, our Green Peel® treatment is where radiance and rejuvenation intertwine. Here are some of the key benefits of this organic face peel:

Who Needs Green Peel®?

Green Peel® is a versatile treatment suitable for various skin conditions, types and age groups. Its herbal-based formula works well with the skin's natural renewal process. This green herbal peel can be generally taken by all who want to upgrade their skincare regime, but can specifically help those who are:

  • Suffering from sun-damaged skin
  • Having sagging skin
  • Fighting with hyperpigmentation
  • Wanting to reduce their stretch marks and scars
  • Prone to pre-mature formation of wrinkles
  • Wanting to get rid of their impure skin and sebum cysts

Why Choose VCare Skin Clinics?

The supremacy of this green revolution has swept through many countries. And we at VCare have strived to bring home this natural goodness.

Sole Distributor of Green Peel® in India

Witnessing the power of this organic peel treatment and after extensively breaking down its formula, we believed this skin elixir should reach our people. We have brought the Green Peel® treatment to all our clinics, intending to let skin enthusiasts all over the country flaunt the power of natural herbs on their skin.

Tailored Treatment Intensity

After a thorough analysis of your skin type, sensitivity and tolerance, our skincare experts will adjust the intensity and duration of the treatment. Our personalised procedure will ensure that you achieve optimal results while minimising any discomfort. We will also provide specific home care products that suit your skin type and lock the peel's effects.

Uncompromised Safety

Our treatments are designed with your safety in mind. We have a powerful team of well-trained skincare experts who are masters in offering safe yet effective treatments. They will understand your concerns, hesitations and guide you throughout your skin transformation journey.

See it Happen

Being a game changer in the world of skincare, our Green Peel® treatment promises steadfast results in just 7 days. Its careful formulation with just the right herbs helps immediately remove the epidermis with dead skin cells and stimulates regeneration processes that accelerate its effectiveness compared to other treatments.

What Is So Special About Green Peel®?

  • Green Peel® is known worldwide for its purely natural ingredients. It is free from harmful microplastics, synthetic abrasives, or other harsh chemicals usually found in exfoliating products.
  • While usual skin renewal processes range within 28 days, the potency of Green Peel® has accelerated the process to just 7 days.
  • One of the key advantages of Green Peel® treatment lies in its customisable intensity. Based on the individual skin type and desired results, its intensity can be adjusted from the intensive, moderate and light peel.
  • Using natural herbal ingredients in Green Peel® aligns with eco-friendly and sustainable skincare practices, making it a conscious choice for environmentally-aware individuals.
  • The whole course of Green Peel® includes an exclusive Beauty Finish Treatment, which seals the effects to be lasting over a long time.

Who Formulated This Natural Goodness?

The first formulation of green peel dates back to 60 years ago, when Christine Schrammek brought together 8 carefully picked herbs that contain various enzymes, minerals and vitamins to help people with various skin concerns achieve even and clear skin.

Further down the road, her daughter, Dr Med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio had medically elevated this formula with different variations, which is now widely used worldwide by various aestheticians and doctors.

Know What Goes On Your Skin

Green Peel® withholds the power of various herbs, algae rich in minerals, enzymes, vitamins that possess anti-inflammatory, wound healing and brightening properties. Its herbal powder contains herbs from horsetail, aloe vera, marigold, ribwort, lungwort and pansy. All these come together to strengthen elasticity and increase blood circulation and oxygen supply to the face, accelerating skin tissue regeneration.

Testimonials That Spread Smiles

From powerful skin makeovers to triumphant skincare journeys, witness the change our Green Peel® treatment at VCare brought about in the lives of our clients.

Green Peel® Aftercare

We believe that aftercare is the key to unlocking the full potential of any treatment and locking in its effects. Our expert will give a detailed explanation of all the aftercare instructions at the end of the treatment.
These instructions are not much of a hassle and can be easily followed. They mostly include avoiding exposure to sunlight, avoiding excessive sweating, avoiding washing the face for 6 days or using water on the face.

Green Peel® Homecare

Sustain your shine with the personalised home care products we recommend. Our expert will recommend a personalised set of home care products to suit your skin type, sensitivity and concern.

Blemish Balm

This blemish balm protects the skin against environmental influences, calms the skin, and stimulates regeneration.

Special Care Regulating Cream/ Special Care Cream

These are given based on your skin type and contain active ingredients that balance the skin's natural processes and conceal the effects of the treatment.

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