How to know your skin type?

Today we are going to talk about, how to know your skin type! So keep reading..

Everybody wants youthful and radiant skin, because of which we buy innumerable brightening serums, gels, lotions and anti aging night creams, without even knowing what is our skin type. We even buy similar products like our mom is using or our best friend is using because that product has worked magic for their skin, but it does no good for us and if even leads to in fact popping out. So it's really important to know your skin type and buy products that suit your skin.

Factors affecting your skin type:

There are various factors which affect your skin type. What are these?

  • Skin Status
  • Status of skin barrier
  • Oil factor in skin
  • Water content in skin

Natural moisturizing factor

  • Seasonal Changes
  • Intake of Medications
  • Exposure to pollution and dust
  • Growing age
  • Hormonal Factor
  • The status of the skin barrier which protects your skin.
  • The oil factor in your skin which adds softness to your skin.
  • The water content of your skin which adds elasticity to the skin
  • The natural moisturizing factors which hydrates your skin from within.

Your skin type is never permanent. It always changes with changes season and it changes over time. What are the various factors which affect your skin type?

  • Change in climate, in summer you can have mostly oily skin and in winter your skin can become dry.
  • Medications, intake of Oral medications like isotretinoin can make your skin dry.
  • Exposure to pollution, Exposure to pollution and dust can make your skin dry and flaky. And can even make your skin sensitive and irritated.
  • Growing age, with growing age the amount of sebum production by the sebaceous gland decreases and thus it makes your skin dry, it increases wrinkles and also increases age spots and it makes your skin dehydrated.
  • Hormonal changes due to increase in androgen production, there can be increased sebum production and hence it can make your skin oily.

How to know your skin type?

First wash your face with a soap-free cleanser like a Cetaphil cleanser, now do not sit in a room with an air conditioner or a heater the room. Sit in a room with a normal fan. After an hour take a tissue paper and pat your face with that tissue paper. Now every face has two zones T zone and C zones. What is this T zone and C zone? T zone exists from the center of the forehead to the nose and to the chin. It also includes a little part of the cheek just beside the nose and C zone includes the more lateral part of the cheek, along the jaw line and the chin.

After one hour:

  • Normal skin – No oil
  • Combination skin – Oil on T zone
  • Oily skin – Oil on T & C zone

Now you will have normal skin, if the tissue paper does not stick to your skin and there are no traces of oil on the tissue paper you're set to have combination skin.

If you have oil on the T-zone of your skin and your C-Zone is normal you're set to have oily skin. If both the T-zone and the C-zone produce oil and traces of oil are seen on the tissue paper from both the zones. You also have large open pores in case of oily skin.

If you have dry skin, your skin still feels stretchy after doing the tissue paper test and your sensitive skin if your skin feels red and itchy after washing even after an hour. But as I told you before you might have to perform this test several times in a year as your skin type does not remain permanent throughout there and it keeps changing. So I hope you will be able to identify your skin type now and choose the right products according to your skin and make your skin radiant and beautiful. So I hope you found this blog useful, for queries Comment below & you can follow us on instagram


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