A Complete Guide About Laser Hair Removal

Every single hair follicle undergoes a hair cycle which consists of three phase

  • Anagen phase or the growing phase
  • The Catagen Phase
  • The Telogen phase

Telogen phase is a resting phase and the shedding phase every single hair follicles at a given point of time is at a different phase of hair cycle and the laser hair energy it focuses only on the hair follicles in the Anagen phase hence we require multiple sessions of laser treatment to target the hair follicles in original fields.

What are the gold standard lasers for LHR?

There are various lasers available in the market for laser hair reduction however the gold standard technology is “Nd Yag Laser & Diode Laser” also has painless lasers available now IPL which is not a laser is an intense pulse light machine it must not be recommended for laser hair removal as it does not give very satisfactory results.

How does the laser technology work?

Highly concentrated light energy is targeted on the hair follicle. This hair follicle which consists of melanin pigment or the dark pigment absorbs the slight energy and destroys the positive that is why technology does not work on gray hair because they do not contain melanin pigment laser hair reduction treatment energies depends upon the skin type and the thickness of your hair.

How many sessions of LHR do you need?

Normally a person requires 6 to 8 sessions for laser hair reduction as the hair further fine on your face 8 to 10 sessions maybe required for LHR on face if you're suffering from a hormonal problem or PCOD further 10 to 15 sessions may require.

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