Most women are concerned with wrinkles, uneven tone and texture of the skin, a dull appearance, age spots and blotches, visible pores and dry skin. Our natural defenses against ageing are minimized. As we age, our skin losses its ability to retain moisture, becoming drier, less elastic and showing the impact of the sun and the environment. Genetics also plays a major part.

Botox treatment is a safe and effective means for easing away wrinkles and fine lines caused by facial expressions such as laughing and frowning thus achieving a naturally youthful appearance. At VCare, we utilise a fast and minimally invasive procedure, which can produce results between a span of one to ten days. Results of our Botox treatment can be visible for a period of 6 months, for the first treatment, and 6 to 9 months in the following procedures.


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  • Brings back the beauty of youth by reducing wrinkles and lines on the skin.
  • It Smoothes, lifts, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Prevents the onset of fine lines and deep-seated wrinkles.
  • Highly controlled treatment ensures retention of natural facial expressions such as smiling and frowning.
  • Non-invasive nature of the procedure translates to zero downtime with no recovery period necessary.
  • Normal day-to-day activities can be performed immediately after the treatment.
  • Non-permanent procedure that will naturally break down.
  • Produces the added benefits of reducing excessive perspiration and alleviating the symptoms of a migraine.
  • Reduce facial wrinkles. Reduce the effect of Bell’s palsy.
  • Botox relaxes the muscles across your forehead, between your eyebrows and around your eyes to help you look younger.