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Home care is experiencing a surge in popularity due to its ability to elevate client satisfaction and clinical outcomes while offering unparalleled convenience. VCare's home care kits are your personal skincare expert, accessible from anywhere. Perfect for those who find travelling for treatments challenging, these kits encompass a comprehensive range of essential products designed to nurture your skin. They merge premium quality with comfort and ease, delivering a professional skincare experience right in the comfort of your home.

Clear Skin Therapy

The Clear Skin Therapy Kit presents an impeccable solution featuring an Anti-Inflammatory Gel that soothes and heals the skin. The Day Care Lotion, infused with Triple Sunscreen and Songyi Mushroom Extract, provides all-encompassing sun protection and brightening effects. Furthermore, the Acne Control Gel tightens pores, diminishes acne, calms sensitive skin, and balances the skin tone against environmental pollutants. This multifaceted skincare approach, embodied by the Acne Control Gel, ensures you face each day with renewed confidence and vitality.

Whitening Cell Therapy

The Whitening Cell Therapy Kit offers a holistic strategy for addressing pigmentation concerns with precision. Its meticulously selected products, the Melatreat Lotion and Day Care Lotion are designed to combat pigmentation issues effectively. The Melatreat Lotion inhibits melanin formation, fades hyperpigmentation, provides deep hydration, protects the skin, soothes sensitivity, reduces redness, and imparts an immediate brightening effect. The Day Care Lotion offers UV protection, evens skin tone, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Together, they provide a synergistic approach to pigmentation correction, delivering targeted treatment and protection for a luminous, radiant complexion.

Skin Renewal Therapy

Skin Renewal Therapy offers a comprehensive suite of essential skincare products to elevate your daily regimen. The Skin Renewal Lotion reduces melanin production, fades hyperpigmentation, and delivers profound hydration and skin repair. The Instalift Lotion enhances skin firmness and elasticity, restoring youthful vitality. Combined, these products form the Skin Renewal Therapy Kit, addressing many skincare concerns and offering professional-grade results from the convenience of your home.


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