Pimple on your big day is a bad day!

A soak test has shown that most women are more concerned about their beauty & appearance compared to the men. Especially when they are all set to get ready to go out on a special occasion, they get to notice the arrival of the unwanted relative appears on the face. That red dot on face shifts her mood and spoils the big day. Everyone around the globe confronted this situation when they stood before the mirror and tried to get rid of pimple on your face.

How pimples occur?

A pimple is a small red dot kind of blackhead appears all of a sudden on your face. We all have sebaceous gland in our skin which provides normal moisture to our skin because of excess sebum, dead skin cells, stress, hormones etc. can form a clog in the pores of skin which may evolve into a pustule or papules.

Dos & Don’ts

You're meant to be tempted to touch the pimple, never do this. If you attempt to prick the pimple, it can cause severe harm and take longer to cure it will turn into scar.

Don't try remedies at home:

There is a lot of distraction on your social media which will tempt you to attempt these remedies like toothpaste, lemon etc. Trying to apply tooth paste can cause irritation to your skin this is not advisable and lemon will also cause damage and there is no effect.

Start taking an ice pack:

Apply directly on the spot and remove after 15 seconds, this method can often assist the inflammation to cool down and shrink the size.

Wash your face regularly:

Use a face wash suitable for your skin which advisable. There is lot of dirt and dust impurities on your surroundings which can also be the reasons for your pimple. Washing your face regularly will keep your skin clean and protects from any dust impurities.

Light makeup is advisable:

This will allow your skin to breathe and there is no use of hiding your pimple with a layer of makeup instead goes for light make up or don’t put make for few days.

Is there any immediate cure to get rid of the pimple?

Pimple is a common problem and can be frustrating to treat it, Trying immediate cure will only allow your condition go worse and further this will affect your skin in long term. Taking care of your skin will works wonder on your skin, in some severe case do not wait to consult the expert.

Know your skin condition before treating it, because it will help you to understand what is good for your skin. To know your skincare routine consult your medical expert and get to know your right skin care routine suitable for your skin.

Beautiful skin on a big day will always be a memorable day.


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